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New Year's Resolutions

While you are considering your New Year’s resolutions for yourself, don’t forget about your pet.  Becoming a healthier person seems to be at the top of everyone’s list, and your cat or dog shouldn’t be left behind.  There are several easy steps that you can take with the help of your veterinarian to make sure your pet is at their best health.
Make sure your pet is up to date.

  1. An annual wellness exam allows your veterinarian to look for signs of many diseases.  Early intervention may eliminate the problem or slow progression.
  2. We also use these visits to discuss preventative measures to keep your pet from developing many diseases.
    1. Some vaccinations only need a booster given every three years, but there are others that should be done yearly.
    2. Heartworm preventatives and flea control should be used year round to keep your pet healthy.

Keep your pet at a healthy weight.

  1. Feed an appropriate amount of a high quality dog food.  Skip foods from the table, offering things like baby carrots or plain steamed green beans as a treat alternative. 
  2. Encourage activity - walking, swimming, running and playing fetch are all great ways for your pet (and you) to stay in good shape. 

Keep your pet’s mouth healthy. 

  1. Brushing your pet’s teeth with an appropriate tooth brush and paste will help to keep their teeth and gums healthy.
  2. Your pet may benefit from a dental cleaning.  During the wellness exam your veterinarian can help you to determine what level of dental/periodontal care your pet needs. 
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